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Preventative maintenance (PM) significantly extends the life of your industrial refrigeration and commercial HVAC equipment. TDI’s PM program starts with a meticulous evaluation of your system. Our technicians then tailor a custom maintenance plan to minimize breakdowns and keep your equipment running at optimum efficiency.  

If a motor or some other component is going out, TDI’s technicians see signs of it before it actually fails. Depending on the severity of the issue, we will either monitor it, repair it, or suggest a replacement to prevent potential downtime.

Details, such as how dusty the area is and the cleanliness of the facility, can impact how your equipment should be maintained. We analyze these conditions to determine the frequency of when filters should be changed and condenser coils should be cleaned. We keep track of everything for our customers and perform maintenance precisely when and how it’s needed.

Don’t like contracts? Neither do we! Every plan we offer can be cancelled with just 30 days written notice. Call us today to request a custom maintenance plan for your systems.

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